Friday, April 9, 2010

Jennifer C.'s list

Oooh, this is so hard because I despise everything "reality..."

  1. John & Kate—no explanation needed.
  2. The creepy ass guy from Jack's Wholesale Windows here in MI, with his greasy molester stash and corny ads.
  3. Lindsay Lohan, because it might help set her right.
  4. Teenage boys who wear tight pants. You are not the Ramones—put the tight pants down. And while you're at it, get that shaggy flop of hair off your head. It's been there, done that, and it's a new era...
  5. People who say I'm "overqualified" for a job because I have a master's degree and suggest that I leave it off of my resume.
  6. Everyone who growls in a "terrified" voice while "singing," i.e. Slipknot.
  7. People who buy fake purses. If I can't afford it, I just don't buy it—how can you feel good dragging around something that you know isn't real???
  8. Ripped jeans and those who sport them. I lived through the grunge years and it was only a bit more attractive then than it is now, and NO, I am NOT going to pay $175 for a pair of jeans that I didn't destroy myself!
  9. People who wear neon, which appears to be everyone around the age 18. I also lived through that when I was in 8th grade. It wasn't attractive then and it isn't attractive now. Take the leg warmers and Flashdance tops while you are at it.
  10. Ppl who can't write essays in English class w/o using txt abbv. I'm sorry, but I was an English minor and still cannot text without writing proper. I have a hard time abbreviating the word "w/", and that's OLD SCHOOL!
  11. Boho. I know I'm over the limit, but I absolutely HATE boho. It isn't attractive, it isn't flattering, and the only people who might be fans are those who are pregnant... it looks sloppy.


Fanboy Wife said...

Pre-ruined jeans are ridiculous. Have you seen the pre-worn sweatshirts and hats too?

Anonymous said...

"writing proper"? uh, properly.