Monday, April 12, 2010

Julie's punch list

  1. Teenagers who stroll as slowly as they can across the road in front of your car. I want to gun it and run over them.
  2. Stupid chit-chat on news broadcasts. I didn't watch the news to hear you put in your two bits' worth.
  3. Big, jacked-up trucks that you would need a ladder to climb into. Always driven by puny boys.
  4. Commercials every ten minutes on a certain public Canadian TV station. And it's the same three commercials played over and over again. Do you really think this will make me buy your product?
  5. Teachers who talk to me like they talk to their grade 4 students. Grab a personality.
  6. Doctors who stare at their computer screen the entire visit. Excuse me—I have an axe in my forehead!
  7. People who think my knitting is a sweet, little old lady hobby. It's keeping me sane, dammit. Just remember who is packing the pointy sticks.
  8. Hummers. What, the jacked-up pick-up isn't good enough for you?
  9. Smart Cars. They look idiotic.
  10. Painted dolly clerks at the cosmetic counter. What is under there? Does your face like being plastered every morning?
Thanks! I feel better now!


1 comment:

marlie said...

Ditto on #7. I just challenge anyone who acts condescending about knitting as a hobby to try to read a chart and come up with an item that someone would want to wear.