Sunday, April 18, 2010

Amy's punch list, part deux

Vice so nice Amy wrote it twice!

[Re: #7, TIWTPITF has to admit to the guilty pleasure of The Real Housewives and loving Bethenny in particular.]
  1. Hair dryer lint. Where does it come from? Am I supposed to remove it? How?
  2. Suri Cruise. Ok. if you're old enough to wear high heels, why does your mother carry you around? You are FOUR years old!
  3. The customer service rep "Joe" from India who responded "in a very sturdy box" to my husband's question, "how will it be shipped?" (Is that a UPS competitor?...) I'm just pulling on your foot.
  4. Email acronyms except LMAO, WTF, and of course, TIWTPITF. The rest are unnecessary and I don't understand them anyway. I need a translator to decipher my son's text messages.
  5. The bottom of the peanut butter jar. I have to recycle it and in order to do so, I have to clean out the slimy mess. Disgusting!
  6. The air in chips packages. More chips, please.
  7. Bethenny on Real Housewives of New York City. Do I really need to see you sitting on the toilet taking your pregnancy test or see you naked for the PETA photo shoot? Are you pleasant to anyone or do you need to start a fight with everyone?
  8. The iPad. Forget the horrible name, I don't want my best buddy Kindle to become obsolete.
  9. All the 80s clothing I gave away that are in style now (not that I would have fit into them anyway).
  10. "Natural" make-up with chemicals.

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