Thursday, April 15, 2010

Katie's punch list, part deux

I don't really expect you to put up either of mine, but now that I started thinking about it, there are a lot more things...

  1. People who talk on their cell phones in the bathroom. either while using the toilet, or worse, just standing in there while I am peeing. Don't think I won't flush. Twice. And maybe let out some good grunts, too.
  2. Fat people on the elevator with a fast food bag in their hand (usually going 1 story up) who think it's okay to tell me I am too skinny/need to eat/wish they could look like me. I eat well and run 30–40 miles a week.
  3. Yes I am skinny; I like to be healthy. If you tell me I am too skinny (which I am not—my BMI is right on target for my age), can I tell you that you are too fat and if you didn't eat crap and took the stairs you'd be less fat?
  4. People who think they are funny because you laughed at their joke, and then proceed to tell you it again, expecting the same reaction. (Okay, even I have done that :P)
  5. Women who think I am the babysitter when I am out with my kids (see #2).
  6. Women who tell me they want to be healthier and ask for my advice and then don't follow it.
  7. Maybe just all women.
  8. Rednecks who yell at me or tailgate me or generally are rude to me because I still have an Obama '08 sticker on my car. Listen here, Jackass, I had to look at your W sticker for 8 years, get over it.
  9. The parents of some kids at my daughter’s school who feed them grownup portions of fast-food breakfast EVERY DAY. Well, except for Fridays, when they bring them in with a dozen donut holes. And chocolate milk. For a 3 year old! Get up earlier and make something healthy for them. And you wonder why they bounce off the walls.
  10. Cocktail parties where I only know the host and everyone else knows each other. Yes, I am the token liberal. Yes, I will argue with you. No, I will not suddenly see your point and switch sides.
  11. The religious right who fails to notice that Jesus was all for socialism, in its very basic sense, and who don't agree with taking care of the less fortunate. Those people make me want to punch myself just to get out of the conversation.



b said...

I understand your liberalism, I am one also. A friend, who I didn't know what a Republican, told me today that he doesn't know why we followed Obama's words.
"Yes We Can"
He said they were to simple and completely stupid. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Obama is inspirational, his words also. They may be simple statements but also something we need to hear. It's encouragement

Also, I am not the biggest health nut, but I look nice in appearance. I eat regular meals and exercise enough. Despite how I am and how many times a day I'd like to tell a fat boy to get off their ass I do not flaunt my advantage.

What you write makes me think you're trying to prove something. Yes, you're thin and look young. Fantastic. But no one wants to read a list of how great you look and who you want to tell that doesn't.

Unknown said...

I too am constantly amazed that Conservatives don't understand the fundamentals of what Jesus was all about! Drives me bonkers!!

Fanboy Wife said...

I still see a lot of "W" bumper stickers. Some of them have added a "NObama" sticker recently.

Unknown said...

Big fucking SNORE.