Thursday, April 8, 2010

What's on YOUR punch list?

A friend just sent me a list of things she wants to punch in the face and I thought it's probably time to let y'all vent. Send me your top 10 list of things you want to punch in the face right this minute. It can be as specific to you as the burnt piece of toast you had for breakfast or as broad as the current crop of American Idol contestants. It can even include, like my friend's list, your sister.

E-mail me your list and I'll post it.


Juli Cannon said...

1. Obama. His 'relief' did nothing to alleviate my lower middle class stress.

2. Judgemental people. I'm not judging them or anything...

3. Intolerance. (see #2)

4. The crazies up north who plotted to kill a police officer under the made up guise of a Christian "Hutari" or whatever they called it. (see #2)

5. Myself, apparently. (see #2)


jamie@midcenturymania said...

Hollywood starlets who say they love getting older. (after a zillion visits to the plastic surgeon.)

Health food junkies that eat jello with mini marshmallows when no one is looking.

People who say they want less government except when it comes to a woman's right to choose.


People that assume I want to look at hundreds of pictures of them on Facebook. One will do, thank you.

Younger men that flirt with me, a 56 year old mother of four and think they are throwing the old dog a bone. Please, don't bother.

Unknown said...

1. Tampon commercials
2. People who say 'There's no racism in America!'
3. That extra foil seal on milk, creams, juices with the tiny little tab that always breaks off.
4. The Census report.
5. Weddings with 14 bridesmaids.
6. Parents who hit/scream at their children in public. (Really, really bad here in Flo-rida)
7. The confederate flag.
8. Uptight hippies.
9. Unicorn/dolphin figurines. If you're over 6 years of age, it's embarrassing.
10. Women who pretend to love football.

Unknown said...

1. white people with dreadlocks
2. bikers who don't wear helmets
3. people who leave bags of dogshit on the parking strip
4. the plastic packaging that requires garden shears to open it
5. spray-tanned drug reps who try to manipulate me with food
6. allergies
7. dry skin
8. cellulite
9. inconsiderate power cord behavior
10. drivers in the fast lane who set their cruise control at the speed limit.

Whew, thanks. And to think that I thought I'd have trouble coming up with ten items.

Camille said...

1. My gunt; 2. Dieting; 3. Seattle winters; 4. People who won't remove their shoes when they come in my home; 5. Driver's who speed up when you try to change into their lane; 6. Stupid drivers who do things like: drive under the speed limit, stop in the middle of the road, take a right from the far left hand lane; 7. My son's whining; 8. Parents who don't chip in to help with a gift for the overworked and underpaid teacher; 8. People without kids who judge moms (just you wait, yeah, just you wait); 9. My cupcake getting stuck in the stupid to-go package Wink Cupcakes has decided to use; 10. #5-spicy when I specifically said #2 on the spicy, damn that's too hot!