Monday, April 12, 2010

Kimberlee's punch list

  1. People waiting behind you in line who get more and more passively aggressively upset the longer the wait gets. You know, those people who sigh loudly, and mumble to their friends that it should not be taking so long. If the wait is inconveniencing you, just freaking leave.
  2. People who like to one-up you with technology. I say "I love my Sony Reader," they say, "Why didn't you get a Kindle? I have a Kindle, and it is so much better." Sorry, I don't care about your built-in dictionary or wireless downloading capabilities, I only use my Reader to you know, read.
  3. Don't ask my 6 year old if she helped make the three-tiered super fancy cake. Of course she didn't "help mommy." Think about it—would you really want her to? She's 6.
  4. $5.00 coffee.
  5. Guys who stare in the free weight room at the gym. What? Girls lift weights too, sorry to break the testosterone barrier.
  6. People who are lucky enough to live in Europe on the government's dime, then spend their time only eating at Burger King, and whining about not being able to shop at WalMart.
  7. Heavy bangs on guys.
  8. Pimples in my late 30s. What the hell??
  9. OMG, NO, I do not watch American Idol!

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