Monday, April 12, 2010

Ti's punch list

  1. People who AREN'T feeling the pain of this recession (i.e. buying new shit and bragging about it daily).
  2. Pedophile priests/pastors in every religion.
  3. PPL who TXT you from 10 feet away, because they're too lazy to use their voice.
  4. People who smile to your face and use empty-headed loser-hood to stab you in the back.
  5. Unnecessary commas, even though I use them.
  6. Nutcases who won't go away. Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin…okay, faux news in general.
  7. Caustic, rude, sarcastic, manipulative daycare providers.
  8. Heinous farts on airplanes. And the people who rip them.
  9. Horrible, screaming, abusive parents who humiliate their kids in public.
  10. “Hot” lunches microwaved fresh daily at my daughter's school. They're nasty, they're lacking in nutritional value, and it's just pathetic.

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