Monday, April 12, 2010

Gina's punch list

  1. Those stickers that show how many family members you have.
  2. Grenade decals for cars.
  3. People who don't pick up after their dogs.
  4. Ed Hardy clothing.
  5. Take your kids to work day (coming up this month).
  6. The phrase “teabagging” (over it...and it means balls in the face, people. The end.).
  7. Kate Gosselin.
  8. The Duggar family (stop having kids!).
  9. Bombshell McGee.
  10. People who misspell my name.
  11. Glenn Beckl
  12. This one hurts, but Vanity Fair…for the Tiger Wood's Hoochie Hall of Fame pictoral. Poor taste, Mr. Carter…I expect more from you.
  13. People who say "Hey, it's okay to let your puppy play with my dog, let her down!" as they unleash their enormous, snarling, likely-flee-infested Great Dane.
  14. People who assume that because I'm 32 and childless that I've closed up shop for good/selfish/chicken.
  15. Whoever decided that 16 and Pregnant was a good idea for a show.
  16. Pole dancing as an exercise craze.


Plum said...

I hate people that assume my dog is vicious because she's a great dane. I'm much more often snarled at my some goddamn little soup starter.

Anonymous said...

14) So why didn't you have kids?
15) Shut the fuck up and change the channel then.