Monday, June 1, 2009

Punch Bowl 2009

As I pored over the many submissions for Punch Bowl 2009, my heart was full as I realized that, like that lame Michael Jackson song, I am not alone. I am blessed to have friends and strangers who think like me and want to punch like me. You've taught me something new, you've made me bust a gut laughing, and you pissed me off for beating me to the punch on some really deserving people, places, and things.

So without further ado, let me get to showcasing the TIWTPITF Punch Bowl posts that really tickled my fancy.

And as you read through the winning entries this week (there are definitely more than 5, so I'll be posting a few a day), I urge you to comment on each other's posts. Show the punch-drunk love, my caustic, curmudgeonly, cynical, and hilarious friends.


Anonymous said...

It's 'pored over', not 'poured'. Hope you're not condoning unlawful violence against your fellow citizens.

Alyssa said...

cannot wait!!

Chris said...

Oh, I am just now getting to these! I'm so LUCKY! I have lots and lots! And come ON, David Caruso was ITCHING to be punched!!

micheal smith said...

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Anonymous said...

Hold up.

Michael Jackson has nothing to do with this little article yet you brought him in it and ragged on him anyway. Grow a pair! He's dead, let him rest in peace. He did NOTHING to hurt you personally. Shut the fuck up about him and let his legacy live on WITHOUT your shitty comments.

By the way, R.Kelly wrote that 'lame' song and it's called You Are Not Alone. I bet R. Kelly wouldn't even pee on your face and it's not because you're over 14.