Thursday, June 4, 2009

Punch Bowl Winners' Circle: Bumper-sticker frenzy

Why the hell do people put bumper stickers all over their cars advertising brands and places, for example, the douchebag with Black Diamond, Arcteryx and Patagonia, maybe a Dave Matthews Band tossed in? Am I supposed to think you are cool or something? There is actually a car in my neighborhood with a Chaco sticker!! Really? I mean, they're great for comfy summer outdoor shoes, but could someone actually love them sooo much they want to advertise them on their car? I want to sell kits that come complete with all the stickers to create your own persona. Oh yeah, those European country stickers too. Dumb.

—Ineke van Waardenburg



Chris said...

I'm all for commentary, discourse, and debate, but this phenomenon of thinking that anyone is persuaded or urged to think by slapping an ad on a car is just monkey-brained. Most people just aren't into what you're into, so keep your branding, catch-phrases and soundbites to yourself! And you're trying to say they define you, then you're just a very sad person!

On the other hand, I love my Kauai Coffee sticker.

Craig said...


You forgot to mention the biggest offenders- Liberals! If a car has more than three bumper stickers on it-it always belongs to a liberal-what is it with these suburu drivers anyways-must they alway have to be in your face with thier save this-stop that-why can't we this- I hate that politics? For crying out loud- these guys control the country now and they still have to plaster thier vehicles with thier tired bumper-sticker politics! Perhaps we should have a bumper sticker tax to balance the budget-maybe then would they take thier Kerry/Edwards stickers off thier carbon-belching volvos?