Thursday, June 4, 2009

Punch Bowl Winners' Circle: People who only text

There are people who have decided they no longer need their phones for voice-to-voice contact. They've given it up, and instead let their thumbs do all the talking.

I have a friend who is infamous for this. I have called her to make plans, only to have my call go to voicemail. Thirty seconds later, I get a text "What's up?" So I call her back and again; voice mail. So I answer her text to get a response instantly and I think, WTF?!?! Would it kill you to answer the phone? We can have a quick chat and have plans made in ONE two-minute phone call, but instead will have to go back and forth with 20 texts because your precious vocal chords are what? On rest? On strike? BROKEN?

MOREOVER, my thumbs and my wallet want to come to your house and give you the WHAT FOR, the one, two, and you’re out, because your text obsession is costing me money! At least five dollars! Plus, my thumbs are precious and are needed for Xbox Pac-Man and cannot be wasted on your ridiculous notion that having a phone conversation is too inconvenient for you!


—Andrea, Adventures of an Abbreviated Andrea



Chris said...

THIS really chaps. If one more person, ONE (1) more person starts texting while I'm sitting there, in person, doing something with them, I am going ballistic! Mind if I text? No, mind if I FART?!

Cameron said...

I love the rail on texting, (and I wholeheartedly agree) but it is kind of funny that you use a texting acronym, WTF, in your article. That could be the next punch-worthy object, indistinguishable texting acronyms corrupting our language. Thx 4 ur cmnt.