Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Punch Bowl Winners' Circle: People who can't take responsibility for their own actions

“The mortgage companies tricked me into an adjustable rate mortgage.”—No, you signed a contract without reading it.

“The credit card companies are keeping me from paying my bills”—No, you charged too much on them, didn't pay your bills, etc.

Oh, and this one I love: "I shouldn't have to follow the rule, because it is a stupid rule"—No, you knew the rule, you broke the rule. Face the punishment like an adult.

I also want to punch my neighbor in the face. If I wanted a motor home parked in front of my house all summer, I would go buy one; I don't need yours there. I should charge you rent.




Anonymous said...

I guess you should have read the rules about who can park where on the street! :)

Andrea said...

I don't like those people who buy a house close to an airport and then complain about the noise. You knew the airport was across the street when you moved in. That's why your house was so cheap, asshole.

Anonymous said...

My step-mother-in-law bought a house located on a golf course. Then she complained about the golf balls.

So I said "well, at least you can just step outside and play a round."

And she replied, "I golf at a different course."

Sheena Kalso - The Invisible Hostess said...

YES!! My friend who owns a coffee shop had a woman who came in with a "I'm going to sue you" tone because she burned herself by spilling the hot coffee on her arm. Um, did you not just voluntarily buy HOT coffee and like a dumbass spill it on yourself because you refused to put a lid on it!? Who's fault is this but your own!? Unbelievable.

CarlaCarlaCarlaCarla said...

Things To Punch In The Face:

Does the golf course complaint count as old people who whine ?