Friday, May 29, 2009

Speak now or forever hold your punch

It's the Punch Bowl deadline today and I've received some really fabulous posts for next week. Some are short, a couple are long, and some folks have anger that can't be contained by a silly word count. And I thought I had issues…

It's not too late for YOU to punch something in the face. I don't give a rat's ass what you pick to pick on. Just promise me that you won't hold back.

Send Punch Bowl entries to me (subject line: Punch Bowl) by the end of the day. The best smackdowns will be showcased all next week.

(And I know; you sort of want to punch the boxing glove art in the face, don't you?)


Alyssa said...

writing that list was strangely therapeutic.

Tommy said...

I found it the opposite. I was surprised at the low amount of bile I was able to summon. Now I want to punch myself in the face for the low quality of my list.