Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I kicked Ponell Williams in the head in second grade because he tripped me when I was rounding third. I also got into a locker-room scuffle after gym class in seventh grade. I think some girl was disrespecting me during 4-square. Other than that, my hands are clean.

Sure, I verbally smack shit right and left and it gives me more pleasure than you know. It’s a great release for my anger, be it a passing peeve or deep-seeded fury.

What I’m not down with is physical violence. I try to keep this blog light but I have to tell you, I wanted to smack Rhianna upside her head after she entertained thoughts of returning to a guy who tenderized her face. And yesterday, I heard that Perez Hilton, the reigning king of the verbal shit-sling, got clocked by the Black-Eyed Peas’ manager. He allegedly got into it with will.i.am and the next thing you know, boom, boom, pow! A black eye and a call to the po po. Will, I am not impressed.

I am reminded of something that a former co-worker told me: “Sometimes, words can hurt more than fists.” I know what you’re saying, brother, but tell that to a woman who is holding her face in her hands after being hit in the face with a baseball bat or a recumbent cyclist who’s been sideswiped by a red-faced (and possibly redneck) driver. Sometimes, Perez Hilton or I am going to say something that somebody will take offense to. That's fine. Talk back; we can take it and we'll get your point loud and clear.

Raise your voice, not your fist, or I’m coming for you. yes.i.am.

(photo: this is Perez Hilton with a fake black eye; haven't been able to find one of the real shiner; buzzworthy.mtv.com)


Unknown said...

Here's Prez Hilton's official statement which show him suspiciously sans black eye. Obviously, he wasn't punched that hard. You can take a screen shot and then crop out all the pink to get a shot of his "actual" black eye.

While I don't agree with violence... I think I might make an exception for Prez. So shoot me.


Unknown said...

Oh the spelling errors. It's Perez. And it should be shows. Sigh. I should not comment after midnight. Sorry.

Jennifer Worick said...

I'm waiting for that bruising to develop. :) I saw that statement but I couldn't figure out how to get a screen shot or embed the video and then I realized I didn't want to spring that 11 minutes of histrionics on my readers.

Red said...

I too, am againist violence.
That said, Perez should not have called anyone that 'F' word that both are saying happened. While Violence is never the answer, nor is the use of that word, i believe.

After watching both will.i.am's and Perez's 'statements', i have to side with Will. The crying and swearing was just too much, and Perez, 12 mins is too long to be believable.

Vamp said...

I am totally with Wil on this one. I live here in Toronto where this insanity went down. Perez actively went for a confrontation with Wil at the nightclub, hence the use of a sexual orientation based slur - coming from the mouth of a gay man no less - and after the 'assult' (it's nothing more than a wee little mark on his face), when Toronto Police didn't drop everything to attend to Hilton, he then went to Twitter. Dude, this is a big city, people are getting shot, stabbed, truely assulted, raped, car accidents, domestic assult, home invasions....etc. Your one off whatever is pretty low on the list.

Hilton got bitch slapped, nothing more. He accused Wil outright, when it turns out the bitch slap was delivered by the tour manager.

It's Hilton's hysteronics and desperate acting that I want to punch in the face (figuatively speaking of course)

Jennifer Worick said...

I think I need to punch "crying wolf" in the face. That 11-minute video was a bit much but I couldn't tell if he was being a drama mama or if he was still a bit freaked out by the thing. And yes, don't throw ugly epithets at people unless you want an ugly reaction.

Built c.1910... said...

Something that peeves Perez is when famous people stay in the closet, leaving the dangerous and challenging work of coming-out to braver souls like Perez. That is why he called will.i.am a faggot. Because he has reason to believe he is gay and not coming out!
Perez says the same about Anderson Cooper. I know people who have danced in the gay bars right next to Anderson. But he stays in the closet when it would benefit so many less visible to have him come out.
You can’t hide being black (though some actually have succeeded, angering everyone else) but you can hide being gay. In today’s world of escalating right-wing backlash vulnerable groups must create strength in numbers; it is critical to surviving.
Tweet w/me @ElizHek

Chris said...

What kind of weird post is THIS?

Vamp said...

Elizabeth, your comment is the first and only time I've heard of anyone guessing/assuming/accusing will.i.am of being gay. And even if he was gay and concealing it, no one, I mean NO ONE has the right to 'out' him, not Perez Hilton (who makes his living drawing juvinile things on pictures of pointless people and generally talking smack), not anyone, ever.

It matters not to me if so-and-so is gay or not. It's their business and their business if they come out or not.

Besides, Perez himself never said he used that word to 'out' will-i-am, he used it in order to attack.

Unknown said...

Since you don't like to mince words neither will I. I like most of the things you say on this blog but your dead wrong here. I've seen two men punch the living shit out of each other and still be friends the next day and I've heard two women say some god awful shit to each other and both be completely wrecked by it be for weeks, months or years.

Words can and often do hurt more than physical violence, and they last longer. How often do people have to go to therapy cause they where in a fist fight? How bout an ugly (non violent) divorce?

You should be able to speak your mind without fear of physical harm but you should also make damn sure that whats on your mind doesn't seriously hurt someone. Perez makes a living being a rude bitch to complete strangers. If he walked up to ever person on the street who wore a mismatched outfit and talked to them like he does on his blog he'd be tooth less, or a lot smarter by now.

Problem is no one wants to read Perez Hilton's constructive criticism blog. So if he wants to make a living putting other people down than the occasional pop in the mouth is an occupational hazard as far as I'm concerned.

If people don't believe in what they say enough to be willing to fight for it then they need to shut up and if all they spend there time thinking about is what's wrong with other people then they need to be slapped upside the head.