Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mercury in retrograde

I’ve been dreading this day for awhile. By most accounts, goddamned Mercury goes into retrograde today and ends May 30. What this means is that Mercury appears to us earthlings to slow down and move backwards for several weeks.

It also means that I’m fucked.

I am often suspicious of anything with a whiff of woo-woo, but over the years, I’ve learned to heed the power of this punk-ass planet. E-mails go missing, interpersonal communication goes down the crapper, misunderstandings abound, business deals fall through, my motherfucking motherboard dies. It’s about this time that I turn to the bottle.

How this little bitch planet wields so much impish power is beyond me and people a whole lot higher on the intellectual food chain. The one thing I do know is that this ass-illogical shit has gots to stop. I think a call to NASA is in order. Maybe if we can hit it hard enough with a monster missile, we can change its orbit and stop the insanity.

But until we make that happen, back your files up…seriously.



Event Girl said...

I believe a Kick in the Face is also called for.

Sakima Wolfe said...

I turn into an antisocial hermit when Mercury goes into retrograde.

Susan Lanier-Graham said...

I hate Mercury retro. It totally screws with plans and traveling is the worst of all. Man, wouldn't you know it - I have to travel next week. What was I thinking?

chase said...

loved this :)

Chris said...

HAAAA!!! this is so true about that uppity Mercury.

Someone told me that on my naval chart my Mercury is in retrograde and I gave it to them on the backside! There's communication for you!