Thursday, May 21, 2009

Punch Bowl 2009

Punch Bowl 2009 is less than two weeks away! Entries are flowing in from all corners of the globe but I suspect that there's more that y'all want to punch. I know it's hard after a lifetime of holding back and being polite, but we won't judge you. In fact, we'll be right there with you, punching your peeve in the face.

From June 1–5, I will post the best TIWTPITF guest posts that are sent to me (along with your name and any links you want included; you can also choose to remain anonymous). Pick something super specific—like a terrible waiter named Neil at that new restaurant you just went to—or something we can all get worked up over—a horrible snackfood or band that makes us scratch our heads over its popularity, for example. I don't care. Just let it rip and make it funny.

Send Punch Bowl entries to me, your head pugilista (subject line: Punch Bowl) by May 29.


mermayd said...

pete wentz!! please, please do it soon. i HATE him!!!!

Jennifer Worick said...

Mermayd: I am with you. Write it up and send it in. Punch that black-nail-polished dude in the eyeliner!

mermayd said...

thanks!! sent. really, hit him hard. real hard. said...

Oh-boy what I am going to do to the next person who says "to whom much is given, much is expected"

Anonymous said...

1. People who mistake the salad bar for a decorating contest, and must select and arrange each leaf and radish slice to perfection before moving on to the next vegetable.
2. People who stand in line at Subway for 20 minutes, and then when they get up to the counter and the harried guy says "what'll you have?" they stare, wide-eyed, at the menu board and say "Ummmmmm...... ah ....."
3. The other people in line at Subway who, when asked what they'd like to order, pull out a bag with 20 little envelopes in it; in each of these envelopes is a sandwich order from someone in their office, and a ten-dollar bill to pay for it. So, they read off the order, one sandwich at a time, often having to call and say "what kind of bread did you want?" and "did you want pickles on that?" and then PAY FOR THEM ALL SEPARATELY.
4. Anybody who stands in line behind me ANYWHERE and yammers loudly on a cell phone. Hey, if I can't get away from your conversation, don't blame me if I jump in with loud observations about the cologne-soaked asshole on the phone and his lame-ass problems with his boss.