Monday, February 16, 2009

Sequels to movies that sucked ass to begin with

When I was in Oshkosh last week, I asked some students what or who they'd like to punch in the face. This was one of them. Pink Panther 2, anyone? Steve Martin, do you really need a paycheck that bad? Does a producer have some incriminating photos squirreled away somewhere? Shame on you. And why is it called Pink Panther 2 when it's like the 11th PP film?

The students also brought up films like Without a Paddle: Nature's Calling, which has none of the original actors from the original junk show. Let's not even talk about Step Up 2: The Streets.

And then there's the recent string of Bring It On and American Pie movies, which are more like branded films (think National Lampoon) than sequels. While American Pie Presents Band Camp sounds, um, charming, without any of the original cast (except, curiously, Eugene Levy) or an honest-to-God MILF in sight, you can bet it's gonna blow monkey in addition to a woodwind instrument.

2 comments: said...

Are there any sequels to movies that sucked that were actually worth watching? I'm trying to think of one.

Michaela said...

I cracked up when I heard the TV ad for PP 2--touting that it was better than the first! It could ONLY be better than the first Steve Martin PP, a blank screen for three hours would be better than that one. Is Steve friendless? A friend would tell him 'no, don't do it--ever--again.'