Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Airport bathroom stalls

I've been traveling for the past day and I was rudely reminded of how much I hate airport bathrooms. Unlike most public places, airports usually have an ample number of stalls but like seats on flights, they are getting smaller and smaller.

The door usually opens inward and barely misses hitting the toilet. I then try to push my way in with my carry-on bag and laptop case. How are you supposed to get everything in there if there's no room between the toilet and the door? With a lot of angling and maneuvering and shoving and pushing, that's how. Oh, and swearing.

I am downright thrilled whenever I discover a stall with a door that opens outward. Are airport planners worried that we'll push open the door and smack an unsuspecting woman on her way to the changing table? It beats dropping a Nalgene bottle down the crapper because your backpack tipped as you were trying to twist your wheelie into the stall.

And don't even get me started about automated plastic seat covers. Most of the time, they don't work and sitting on used plastic seems much, much worse than sitting on tissue or the seat itself.

With hand sanitizer at the ready, I'm ready to use the stall as a punching bag. On second thought, maybe it would be better if I just kicked the crap out of it instead.

Admit it: You thought this was going to be about Larry Craig, didn't you?

(The photo comes from the Poop Report. Seriously.)


Anonymous said...

Actually I knew EXACTLY what this was going to be about b/c this annoys the poop out of me, too.

Anonymous said...

haha i oouldnt agree more with you! i actually decided to leave my belongings outside for ONCE in my life thinking the bathroom was empty and in a secluded out of the way area and came out to find everything gone. thank you small bathrooms.