Monday, October 22, 2012

The SoCal Punch Party post-mortem

Awesome things I’ve heard this weekend during the SoCal Punch Parties that others want to punch in the face:
  • Drum solos (particularly while trying to talk post-Punch Party over dinner. The irony that a jazz combo followed the Punch Party is not lost on me)
  • The marketing campaign for the Hollywood Bowl: There’s a story in every seat. Um, that’s probably not all that’s in that seat.
  • The hope industry: that weekend screenwriting seminar by that dude with zero credits on IMDB is probably not going to net you a development deal.
  • Microsoft Tech Support
  • The trendiness of “toxins”
  • The treacly names of political memoirs
  • The amateur peleton. You don’t need to draft behind each other to bike to the office
  • Cyclists who wear their ridiculous jerseys and neon spandex shorts everywhere and clack into Peet’s with their clip-ins like those raptors in Jurassic Park
  • People who bring all the ingredients to a potluck and start making their dish from scratch
  • People who ask you to bring the main dish to the potluck because you’re such a good cook (when they only bring leftover brownies)
  • Food restrictions. Gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free = taste-free
  • Unsalted nuts. Fuck that shit
The list goes on and on, but sadly, my memory doesn’t. Thanks everyone for coming out and sharing your wit and wisdom!


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Anonymous said...

God, I have a list that is so far 40 items long, a lot of them related to driving and events observed while driving. I will have to send it to you....

Two inexcusable ones:

Throwing your damn cigarette butt - or any trash out of your car window. REALLY? Are you such a loser that you can't wait a few minutes to put it in the trash somewhere or carry a bag in your car for that purpose? Who do you think is going to pick up that ugly garbage, for free? It is your and my tax dollars!!!

Not using turn signals or using them when you are in the turn or already have changed lanes. Signal means something given IN ADVANCE. Stop being rude, lazy, and increasing the risk of accident. This one burns me up daily.

Thanks for your blog!!