Thursday, June 21, 2012

White pizza

I have similar feelings about white pizza as I do about white chocolate and white-bean chili.

In a word, imposter.

White pizza a big round tasty breadstick but it’s not pizza. I may not be Italian but I’ve eaten a buttload of pizza during the course of la mia dolce vita. A perfect pizza, with chewy crust, bubbling cheese, and a tangy tomato sauce, can cause me to temporarily lose my mind, only to find it right next to an empty pizza box or tray. I have been known to hoover the whole thing, be it a thick Chicago-style pizza from Gino’s East or a homemade jobber with a cornmeal-dusted crust and fresh sauce.

A white pizza, however, has never inspired me to do more than flip the page on the menu and order another carafe of chianti. I need some color in my life and if I can’t get it from my pizza, I’ll just drink my dinner instead. I’m not saying it’s not tasty but when faced with a choice between a pizze bianche or a tomato pie, why would I ever choose the white one? Olive oil is an oil, not a sauce.

I call bullshit on white pizza.


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Parabolic Muse said...

I love white pizza, but I agree that it should not be called pizza. In fact, I punch the face of any food 'inspired by' a classic that calls itself by the same name. I went to vegas and had lunch where we ordered seared ahi 'nachos'. Now, I will admit, they actually printed the quote marks around the word nachos, acknowledging that it wasn't nachos. But, why even use the name?! What it was, was a pile of ahi tuna on a bed of three sauces which were, admittedly, yummy and spicy and perfect, and on the side: some freshly made tortilla chips. That's not nachos, people.