Monday, May 23, 2011

Pinky rings

Are you in da mob? The universal sign of mafia d-bag, pinky rings are the older generation’s equivalent of Ed Hardy gear. Klassy with a K, which come to think of it, also stands for kielbasa. Have you gotten so bloated that you have to wear your wedding ring on that sausage that doubles as a pinky?

Grease that digit up with some olive oil and yank that ring off and put it where it belongs: on the finger of a small, malnourished child.



Stephanie said...

I agree...with the exception of the Canadian Engineering ring...I think that one is pretty cool.

SkitzoLeezra said...

While I find pinky rings to be repugnant, said rings serve as a wonderful visual clue to the inner douche. If Ed Hardy garb is a loud announcement of a Jersey jack hole, the comparatively subtle pinky rings whisper "I represent vinegar and water".

Anonymous said...

Pinky rings show class and style, period!

Anonymous said...

I was sitting having lunch in a cafe not so long ago, not the kind of place you fall into for a burger but neither an ott restaurant, just nice homecooked food and a good atmosphere. So i'm sitting there, wearing the usual garb and yes I wear a pinky ring also, this old boy comes in with a couple friends and they are sitting opposite me. He orders, stops talking and looks over, he looks at my hand and back to me, glances across and back to me and smiles. I nod, and got a macchiato free of charge. It's a sign, it's not just a trend or some designer thing, it means something and it goes with how someones dressed, their work and displays their character. When someone clocks it, they'll send you a nod and thats as warm as a handshake and a pat on the back.