Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hawaiian shirts

If you're Magnum PI and rocking a mustache, sure.
If you're Don Ho, go for it.
Wealthy douche on vakay in Key West? Fine.
Parrothead, I'll give you a pass…this time.

Otherwise, nay, nyet, no, hell no.

For me, it's important to dress appropriate to the occasion and wearing a shirt with palm trees and plumeria festooning it isn't the proper attire for anything but wastin' away again in Margaritaville (see photo). Don't wear it to a dinner date, don't wear it to a wedding, and don't wear it to your tech job. You're a programmer, not a bartender at a Sarasota tiki bar.

Hawaiian shirts are neither a jaunty way to cover your girth (that's what Snuggies are for), nor a way to signal that you're single and ready to mingle (that's what OK Cupid is for). Pull on a Polo shirt instead; it's slightly less lame in the sartorial world series of casual Friday and date night.



Anonymous said...

I own a Hawaiian shirt. It's blue with palm trees on it.

Anonymous said...

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