Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Guys who wear sunglasses on their forehead

If you' haven't figured it out by now, I'm pretty fucking picky.

I make no apologies.

Admittedly, this may have something to do with the fact that I'm single, but I stand by my gripes.

And one said gripe is dudes who wear their sunglasses on their forehead. Not the top of their head, mind you, but just above their eyebrows. 

When I see this optical billboard advertising a blue-collar, blue-blocking frat boy, I can't see straight. I should turn a blind eye to such a small thing, but it drives me bananas. 

Are you too lazy to hinge your shades to the top of your head? Have you converted your Cro-Magnon brow ridge into a portable ledge for your Ray-Bans? Are you trying to shield your five-fingered forehead or receding hairline from harmful rays?

My only hope is that you wind up with an awesome tan line.

Equally as bad: Oakleys hanging off the nape of your neck.



downfromtheledge said...

I don't know, at least there's honesty in advertising this way. It's better than dudes who look super hot with their sunglasses on, then take them off and reveal something frightening.

Dan'l said...

i hate the sunglasses on the back of the head... ugh.

Karrie said...

Distracting and goofy. How CAN they not know this? I knew a woman who did it too and her glasses were always smeared with some kind of schmootz; it was like looking through a dirty window at her forehead.

lambie.pie said...

hate this SO much. i think they think it hides their receding hairline.

Unknown said...

They worship Dog bounty hunter. He started this obnoxious fad.

Notdouchy. said...

I believe this is douchbaggery at it's finest.

Notdouchy. said...

I believe this is douchbaggery at it's finest.

Notdouchy. said...

100% douchy.