Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Women who play with their hair

You are amazing. Smart, stylish, a polished public speaker who demands attention with your passion, insight and—wait!—what were you were saying? I was distracted by your lustrous locks…and not in a good way.

You had me wrapped around your little finger, but I was swapped out for a lock of your hair. I see woman after woman playing with her hair like a nervous tic, tucking it repeatedly behind an hair, twirling it around a finger, pulling long locks from one shoulder to another, as if in an attempt to find a best side. You’re not Mariah Carey and your hair isn’t a binkie. If you continue to use your bob as a security blanket, I’m going to have to split…and you’re going to have a shitload of split ends. I speak the truth.

(photo: whatwomenlike.net)


TILTE said...

A woman I work with does this. It's makes her look like a dumb shit, especially when she does it during employee interviews.

Cathi said...

You should have included hair swinging...tossing it from side to side...ugh!

Anonymous said...

God this so annoys me!!!

So many Gen Ys and some Gen Xs ALWAYS seem to be playing with it, like it's some sort of security blanket.

It has to be hanging over a shoulder or two, parted in the middle, the same colour as their fake tan, added with extensions, tucked behind ears and then flicked back over the shoulder...