Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cake pops

They’re cute, sure. Adorable, in fact.


The Zooey Deschanel of desserts, this twee treat gives me a toothache just thinking about its sweetness. Generally made of boxed (i.e. processed) cake mix and sugar, lots of sugar, these pops are more precious than playful. They are edible craft projects. When a recipe calls for an edible ink pen, the dessert becomes a fondon’t in my cookbook.

All this could perhaps be forgiven if the cake pop actually tasted amazeballs. It doesn’t. Sorry to skewer this treat trend, but I’d rather be knee-deep in a piece of pie.



aimee said...

As popular as these things have become, I thought I was the only one who tasted one and thought it was nasty!

Karrie said...

Kitty's got an a-cute case of artificial flavorings on a stick. I would back away. Someone might get hurt or infected.

kasey said...

Sad, sad news folks. If the cake pop you've tasted was like stale peeps, you've been given a terrible facsimile! SHAME. I've made cake pops for bridal showers, coworkers, new years and more, and all who've dabbled have been begging for more. My suggestion of course is that home-made is better. It's more fun to DIY, but I do agree with you on one note: Edible ink pens are the bain of existance.