Thursday, February 10, 2011

Childhood nicknames

My brothers used to call me Heifer Head, usually right before they thumped me in the head or beat me at canasta or cribbage.
My 7-year-old admonition of "Words can hurt more than fists" didn't get me anywhere.

It gets better. Yeah, it gets better, primarily because we don’t live under the same roof as our siblings forever.

What nickname haunted your childhood nightmares? What low-forehead playground Monchhichi did you want to beat with your pogo stick?


Stephanie said...

My brother used to refer to me as The Disaster Master or Captain Chaos. It was worse in High school; because I was so skinny, he and his (really cute) friends called me Olive Oyl (from Popeye).

dbs said...


Anonymous said...

1. Doober Schwartz (no idea)
2. Snuffleupagus
3. Guy Smiley
4. Skater
5. Lil Bub

Wilma Lee said...

I was the youngest of 6 girls (and 1 brother). Their nickname for me was "Lemme", because I was always saying Lemme have some, lemme have that! Others through the years were" Wilmpa, Wimpy, and my favorite one from Junior High (that took me years to figure out) was Wilma Fingerdoo. Say it fast a couple of times....leave it to teenage boys !!! LOL.

Joy K. said...


We were not amused.

Teresa said...

some Dutch concoction of words that roughly translated says " Janie, Janie, dirty rabbit's bowl"
go figure.

val said...

haha...found you thru craft fail. My brother named all 3 of us...his sisters.
Sheri was 'motormouth' (she never shut up...still doesn't!)
Page was 'thunderthighs' (she was a cheerleader)
I was 'seahag' (curly, stringy hair and missing all FOUR front teeth at the time.)

I got him back though...he is STILL known as "Art the Fart"

Patty Chang Anker said...

oh, where to begin??? I think the all time worst was "Two All Beef" as in "Two all beef PATTIES, special sauce lettuce cheese...GET IT????

A teacher dubbed me Chatty Patty, which is actually true and I once got a piece of mail addressed to Party Chang, which I wish was true (lol, I do like that one best of all).

One Gal's Trash said...

OMG, How did I miss this post?
I was Fritz..a commentary on my strawberry blond frizzy hair. Remember that song "Dizzy"? My brother had me (almost) convinced that the actual lyrics were "I'm so FRIZZY, my head is spinning..."
until I snuck into my sister's room and saw the label on the 45. I remember feeling so relieved.

Anonymous said...

When I was young I was teaching my friend to tell a few words in spanish. Now half of the town doesn't know my name but "Pelota", which means simply ball. Mind me, I'm a skinny 30 years old guy by now.

Anonymous said...

WHAT A GREAT SITE!!!! My 50+ year old brother in law has called one of his friends "Cabbage Head" since high school. I've always thought that was one of the most hysterical nicknames I've ever heard