Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Straggler: Camille's punch list

Add this to Camille's punch list of last year. Girl is angry and I love it.
  1. My gunt [TIWTPITF note: I assume Camille means "gut," but I like "gunt" so much more]
  2. Dieting
  3. Seattle winters
  4. People who won't remove their shoes when they come in my home
  5. Driver's who speed up when you try to change into their lane
  6. Stupid drivers who do things like: drive under the speed limit, stop in the middle of the road, take a right from the far lefthand lane
  7. My son's whining
  8. Parents who don't chip in to help with a gift for the overworked and underpaid teacher
  9. People without kids who judge moms (just you wait, yeah, just you wait)
  10. My cupcake getting stuck in the stupid to-go package Wink Cupcakes has decided to use
  11. #5-spicy when I specifically said #2 on the spicy. Damn, that's too hot!
(photo: amindinperil.files.wordpress.com)


Kelly said...

for your edification, from urban dictionary: Bulging area found on large older women between the waist and the genital area. Not quite a gut, not quite a cunt... The Gunt.

Unknown said...

This is the source of The Gunt.

Jennifer Worick said...

Wow. I just added a new word to my vocabulary. Thanks, all!

Scott McElhinnie said...

If you like "G.U.N.T" then you might like "F.O.P.A.= Fat Over Pubic Area

gabagool said...

You want me to take off MY SHOES when I come into your house???? Are you effin serious??? IWTPYITF.

Whats next sushi while we sit on pillows? I don't want my socks BLACK because you can't keep a clean house.....and I'll take my shoes off in you house if you take off your blouse in mine? Deal?????

Sheena Kalso - The Invisible Hostess said...

Yea, I'm going to have to agree with Jennifer's assessment of #4.