Tuesday, March 9, 2010

THIS…is ah-MER-a-kin idol!

This…drives me BATshit crazy. When Ryan Seacrest announces each Idol episode in the same portentous way, I cringe. A low-rent Dick Clark, Peecrest tries to give AI added import. As if he needs to. We get it. It’s a TV phenom, no question. But it’s not the fight of the century. With four words, this box of hair makes it sound like we are about to watch Jesse Owens take on the entire Third Reich or Oprah cage fight Bill Gates.

We’re not.

We’re about to watch nervous teenagers sing.

Ryan, spend a little more time buying your soul back from the devil and a little less time dragging out the cheesy lead-in to Idol. It’s already full-up on cheese, both tasty and stinky.

Punch in the Face out.

(photo: blog.placesaroundflorida.com)


b said...

That AND when he announces who lost or won. That is if you had made it that far through the program. The suspense is outrageous, and completely unnecessary.

I had grown so accustomed to it that I expected it at the Oscars!

Built c.1910... said...

Or when he gives a hug to a teary woman. I cringe, feeling like he is a pervert taking advantage of vulnerability to cop a feel.
And while we’re bashing Ryan – why does he go back over Simon’s criticisms when three other judges were glowing. Come on, Ryan!
Thanks Jen - XO ECH

Unknown said...

THANK YOU for punching 'Peecrest' in the face for me! Gawd, how did he worm his way into so many shows?

Erin said...

Word! This is why I record it and fast forward through the irritating parts. I also want to punch Kara DioGuardi in the face for being smug and for her long-winded, annoying critiques.

Michaela said...

WILL _____ be the NEXT ahMERican idol? Or is it the END for ____? Ah MER ica DECIDES!!!

L.J. Diva said...

We had the same problem here in Australia but it's been axed for a while so we may not get it back.

Some hosts think they need to stress every word and they come off looking and sounding like a knob!

Joan Crawford said...

Peecrest - Hahahaah!