Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Motel art

When visiting Fallingwater a few years back, a guide told us that Frank Lloyd Wright designed low ceilings and lots of windows into the famous home so people would be encouraged to go outside.

Well, motel art is about as far away as you can get from FLW, but the result is the same. I want to flee the premises when I am in a motel room dripping with bad art.

But first, I go into the bathroom to see if my eyes are bleeding.

Thomas Kinkade-like landscapes, art that is reminiscent of the cover of Duran Duran’s “Rio,” prints of ships and sandpipers, still lifes that match the bedspread—it’s all one stinky art fart. Motel rooms are where art goes to die a slow, faded, badly framed death.

Next time, don’t take an Ambien to get to sleep. Take down the art, turn it around, and stick it in the closet next to the ironing board. You’ll sleep like a baby.

(photo: cjanebuy)


Cameron said...

Motel anything is pretty much punch-worthy. Scratchy sheets. Bad TV reception which is impossible to manage with the two button remote control. The dead body under the bed. But the art is a vain effort to try and ameliorate the experience, like playing Mozart in a dentist's office. That is if Mozart composed something sloppy in 25 minutes to get enough cash from the Holiday Inn to score some blow.

Thanks for reading that entire comment.

Jennifer Worick said...

You make a good point about all the other crap in a motel room and an even better point about Mozart in the dentist's office. They used to give me a playlist and headphones so I could pick my own music during fillings. Now, of course, I just bring my iPod.

Barbara said...

I'm looking at your blog for the second time. I think it's a hoot. Here's something I'd like to punch in the face: people who are pretentious about what they eat (think vegans who insist on telling you about it). I like my sugar and ice cream. Keep writing. I love it.

Jennifer Worick said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Barbara! I will keep punching and for the record, I hate sanctimonious eaters too. I once went to a vegan, organic brunch and took regular old fruit that had probably been sprayed with pesticides (shhhh, don't tell anyone).

Fanboy Wife said...

The "art" has to be ugly so it goes with the hideous bedspreads and dreadful carpet.

nikitikitaki said...

I wish they would replace all motel art with this .

Unknown said...

I think even if there was good art in motels...we while there would see it as crappy. Also they are so mass produced that they amount to a photo of a photo of a photo with a semi gloss finish.