Monday, July 20, 2009

Spinning beach ball

My computer is on its deathbed, I get it. I don’t have to hear the death rattle to know its days are numbered. But yet my iBook has to keep reminding me that it’s a hunk o’ junk. In fact, it throws it in my face in the form of an obnoxious beach ball that frolics all over my screen, mocking me and my three-year-old equipment.

Apparently, my rotten Apple can’t keep Word from quitting on me but it can still muster up the energy to flip me the rainbow bird.

I hate to wait to begin with. Throw the spinning Trivial Pursuit pie into the mix and you have a serious suck cocktail. Since baby needs to blog, I have to resist the urge to punch my laptop in its smug but increasingly ineffective LCD face. But on the rainbow brite side, while I wait for the beach ball to get its yayas out, I have ample time to think about how I'm going to burst this trouble bubble when I finally upgrade.



KlevaBich said...

And yet the Mac enthusiast will claim that their equipment NEVER crashes. Hmmm. I've seen enough of the spinning beach ball of death to last me a lifetime, thankewverymuch.

Anonymous said...

There's a difference between "crashed" and "too old and slow to handle the kind of files you're trying to move." Time to add memory!

cigelske said...

I get this too! What's the best way to add memory? Seriously.

Jennifer Worick said...

Go to the apple store and get more memory. That's what I did.