Thursday, August 19, 2010

Weather complaints

There’s no hurricane, tsunami, or tornado on the horizon. It’s just hot or cold or rainy or fill in the blank. And I’m sick of it. Not the temperature, mind you, but the scads of people who continue to bitch about it.

I live in Seattle and it always surprises me when people repeatedly lament the rain. Um, we live in Seattle! And for those of you who spend your summer in Arizona, Texas or the deep south, were you expecting something other than getting fried like chicken?

Do you have a weather machine like Sean Connery in that beyond-thunderlame adaptation of The Avengers? No? Then stick a cork in it and suck it up. Harping about it is pointless. If you really want to change things, why not move away from my earshot to San Diego? Better yet, leave the planet. You don’t need an air conditioner in space.



This side of Typical said...

yeah--everyone here in Los Angeles is bitchin about how hot it is--like it is every year. Seriously? It's been really mild for most of the summer, but for two days the thermometer creeps up over 95 and people begin to wilt like hothouse flowers. Nancys.

Unknown said...

Same thing in Michigan...the same people who are complaining about the HOT weather we are having..will be the first to complain about the snow we will get ohhhh too shortly :) Be happy we have seasons to appreciate the sun and the snow!!!

Marylyn said...

I'm here in Seattle too, and I really can't stand the folks who complain in the summer when it gets to be 75 and sunny. "ohhh, it's so hot, ugh". WTF? The same idiots bitch about the rain the other 7 mons of the year. Grrr...

The Back Nine said...

Eh, some people bitch. Not just about the weather but about EVERYTHING. Those are the people I can't stand.

I bitch about the weather one season (Summer) each calendar year and honestly, it's because I genuinely like just about every **other** aspect of where I live minus the fucking heat wave that inevitably strikes in late July/early August. So I bitch in the least I don't bitch when it's freezing cold...:)

Barbara said...

You are so right on with this one. I live south in Portland. Oregonians are ALWAY complaining about the weather. "It's raining . . . it's too cold . . . it's too bright . . . it's too hot." Whatever the weather happens to be, Oregonians are not happy with it. And you're right. Complaining about the weather doesn't change a thing. It's a waste of breath.

Tina Rathbone said...

Hey, it's hot here, too. (Today at least; mostly we've frozen our asses off all summer!)

Hugs, love your site,
Tina in San Diego

Parabolic Muse said...

Imo bitch about it. It pisses me off.

don't WAIT all spring and summer until friggin AUGUST 20 to get HOT and then stuff it all in at once until it's 110 degrees at 9 am! And why does it have to get hot when the moisture hasn't even evaporated out of the air from spring?! So, it's HOT and it's SWEATY. Yeah. I'm pissed! And when I get in from outside, People are Going to Hear About it. And if they keep their dogs and kids and radios blasting all day in my face, I can damn well talk about how SHITASS horrible it is out there!


i guess i got a little upset.

love you