Friday, March 20, 2015


Well, duh. 

Way to state the obvious, Einstein. Of course we’re blessed. We live in a privileged society with fluoride in our tap water, computers and flat-screens in every home, organic chickens in every pot, access to health care, and Beyonce. We shop at Goodwill because it’s cool.

Adding a hashtag that telegraphs your gratitude and piety wastes 8 characters and clues in your tweeple that you are an unoriginal windbag who’s humblebragging your sweet-ass anointed life (Gwyneth) or trying to cover up the fact that you’re just happy to be here (Lindsay). Either way, it sounds insincere.

Put the #blessed to rest. Swap it out with something that conveys what you’re actually thinking. Instagramming your engagement ring? #couldabeenbigger Tweeting about the French toast your kids surprised you with? #chokingdowngluten Commenting on an unflattering throwback Thursday photo that a childhood friend posted and tagged you in? #paybackisabitch

I guarantee that you’ll get retweeted. #amen 


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Parabolic Muse said...

Holy Crap, this is just what I been thinkin. And not only is it condescending and trite and overused and boring, but it presumes that there's a deity by which to be blessed, and we all think so. I usually unfollow this kind of stuff. Unless I reeeeaaally like the person and think they must be doing it for a friend's benefit.

Oh, what the hell. I'll unfriend them anyway.

ah. such a relief! Thank you!