Sunday, August 5, 2012

White Zinfandel

How can I swallow such a blatant lie? I’m not nearly drunk enough to think that the misnomer that is this silly pink wine is white.

Color blindness, however, is the least of its problems. White Zinfandel is wine with training wheels, a transitional beverage in the no-man’s land—seriously, no man would drink this—between a wine spritzer and a crappy bottle of wine with off-the-chart sugar levels.

The French manicure of wines, this varietal is sipped by real housewives who insist they are “classy” while tipping tables and pulling each others’ weaves. Tickled pink I am not.



Rachel said...

Housewives: Every time you drink white zin, God kills a kitten.

I'm not kidding.

Anonymous said...

I chuckle at my own foolishness every time I buy a box of this stuff.

Stella said...

without this foul shit i drank 10+ years ago, i would have never arrived in the land of Scotch. i have to give the pink stuff a kudos for showing me the way :)