Sunday, August 21, 2011

People who don't scoop their poop

Unless you’re some fancy-pants lord who has traveled through time with your German Shorthair Pointer and can’t wrap your 19th-century mind around the idea of picking up after your pooch, you’d best find something with which to clean the sidewalk or I’m going to mop the floor with you. Caught unawares? Find a big leaf, trash, your hat, something.

For the love of all that’s good and holy (i.e. my shoes), at least pull your pooch off the sidewalk so a hapless passerby doesn’t step in your shit. It’s as though you are giving a giant steaming fecal finger to the rest of us, which not only merits a punch in your thoughtless face, but a flaming bag of Great Dane scat on your doorstep as well.



Tricia Orchard said...

My blood is boiling just thinking about this!

It freakin' pisses me off when people don't pick up after their dogs. If you can't be bothered to scoop their poop, then you shouldn't have a dog.

What is the deal with people who actually DO scoop, but then leave the bag sitting on the curb for weeks on end. Now, that's a lovely sight to behold!

The worst offender I have ever seen? I saw a woman stuff her poop bag into the sewer grate. Okay, you actually managed to scoop up the poop, why not just carry it home, for the love of god!

Anonymous said...

I actually put a dog owner's dog poop on their deck. We were having a war, since they did not care that their dogs were using our yard to poop in - the owner actually told me that no one around here cared! Well, I did, since I had children who wanted to play in our yard. So finally, I scooped up all their dogs' poop and put it on their deck. They finally put up a fence. And I have been a dog owner - I like dogs. But not when people don't clean up the poop!

Anonymous said...