Sunday, April 10, 2011

Adult face painting

We get it. You like your team…a lot. In fact, we can tell that your blood runs maize and blue/red and white/dumb and dumber by the fevered look in your eyes. There’s no need to put any frosting on your crazy cake.

Unless you’re a five-year-old at a petting zoo, put away the warpaint. And kookaloo: You’re not Darth Maul, either. You’re just greasepainted gob who’s not Comiconning anyone.



ponygal said...

lol he is passionate and because he is painted in Calgary Flames colours he can be forgiven. Anything else looks childish

john said...

i love the word kookaloo.

Lorraine said...

THIS. Also, body paint just takes it to another level of hate. I don't want to see your beer belly painted in team spirit. *gag*

Anonymous said...

You as always epitomize my secret feelings and allow me to be discreetly a politically incorrect bastard - Thank you