Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pajamas as outerwear

While I’d like to think of life as one big pillow fight, it’s not. It’s not a slumber party, and the frozen food section is not Maria Greene’s basement, as much as I sometimes wish it were. So why are you wearing pajamas and slippers as you’re reaching for those Totino’s Pizza Rolls? Put them back and put some clothes on. I think you can find some in aisle 10.

Dressing has become more and more casual as we slip on flip-flops and pull on fleece hoodies for all sorts of occasions. But nightgowns, flannel PJs, and bathrobes cross the Casual Friday line and step into crazy, depressed, or another state of mind that might demand medication or, at the very least, light therapy.

Admit it: you’ve thrown in the towel. You might as well just curl up in the fetal position under a Snuggie and give up. I won’t kick you while you’re down but do me a favor and keep your crazy behind closed (perhaps locked) doors. If you don’t, I’m going to surprise you in the bedding aisle and whack you with a big-ass pillow until you wake the fuck up and change out of your crib clothes.

(photo: reidaboutit.com)


jamie@midcenturymania said...

Well said. Thank you for that wonderful post. I live by a high school and I wonder, everytime I drive to work, is there no dress code? What's next? For the young ladies maybe a nice peignoir set? Or perhaps the young lads can start wearing tighty whities and turtle necks. And for the out of high school set maybe just a thong and muscle shirt. Why those long cumbersome flannel pajama bottoms? Come on, lets really get comfortable. Why shave, shower or wash hair? Where does it all end?

Fanboy Wife said...

I used to think it was funny to wear pajama pants with a button up shirt and suit jacket when I was a teenager. Fortunately, that phase passed for me!

Bishop said...

Thank you! I am so tired of people walking around the supermarket like they are at a slumber party. I wish people would take a look at the people in the series 'Mad Men.' Don and Betty Draper would be appalled!

Molly's Mom said...

Yeah, that's an annoying trend...for me, it's in the same league as the baggy jeans. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to only be for the <18 crowd - I've seen adults wearing pj pants in public! UGH.

Marta said...

Yes, thank you so much for saying this. The younger crowd is prone to going out in full makeup and pjs, which makes me question their hygiene practices, but the older pajama/sweats crowd appear to have just given up. What's worse is I see a lot of moms with their babies in pajamas and unbrushed hair out in the late afternoon. I never thought I'd encourage vanity, but people should take more pride in their appearance.

Nishant said...

I wish people would take a look at the people in the series 'Mad Men.' Don and Betty Draper would be appalled!

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