Monday, August 10, 2009 ads

Your jingles may be annoyingly catchy, but the dude singing them is just plain annoying. If I have to see your shaggy mop kicking it at a Ren Faire or entertaining the early birds at a seafood restaurant one more time, I’m going to drive my fist so far into your face that you’re going to be pushed back a hundred or so points on your crap-ass credit report.

And here’s a thought: maybe you’re living in your in-laws’ basement, not because your dream girl had bad credit, but because your emo band can’t get a gig. Put down your guitar, lose the white man’s overbite, and stop being a whiny cautionary tale. Martyrdom never made anyone serious coin.


Cameron said...

Though I have no clever witticism to add to your succinct punch to these ads, I thought I would comment to show my solidarity. You just know these dudes are going to get a t.v. show or gain exposure as a real band. Such atrocities can not stand.

Chris said...

anything that has ren faire attached to it in any way is subhuman and meant to be punched

Elizabeth Fedorko said...

Here's an interesting fact, the lead "singer" of those ads is actually French Canadian, and speak little English. The Free Credit Report ad guys are obviously dubbing the music over this flop haired smug le-dude.~~~Beth