Friday, October 9, 2009

Talking about oneself in the third person

“I’m bored of Bono and I am him—I’m sick of me. I felt it was a little limiting to be in the first person,” Bono has said. I’m sad that I’m limited in the ways that I can punch him in his pompous face.

TIWTPITF’s shit is royally irked when someone starts talking about him or herself in the third person. Politicians like Bob Dole and Joe Biden, and athletes like Shaq and the Rock have been serving up illeisms for a long time. Yeah, I can smell what the Rock is cooking and it smells like dumbass. Remember that dude Suede on Project Runway? Even Michael Kors couldn’t deal with his hubris. Are you royalty? A dead celebrity?

TIWTPITF thinks the only people allowed to refer to themselves in the third person are Steven Hawking, Mr. T, and the Hulk. And oh yeah, Jesus, Buddha, and their pals. That’s it, and even then they are walking a fine line between acceptable and my fist. I have found what I'm looking for, Bono, and it's your face.



mduette said...

W00t! Did you know BONO stands for Break One's Nose Off?

Had to laugh out loud at "and even then they are walking a fine line between acceptable and my fist."

So true! ;)

Unknown said...

I far as Bono goes, "the Dude abides"!

Anonymous said...

Even if I weren't already infatuated with your general crankiness and keen moral sense, I'd be yours forever just for "illeisms." What a great word!

Chris said...

Jennifer makes Chris very happy.

Junket said...

You just said that better than anyone ever could. Kudos to you!