Monday, May 23, 2011

Pinky rings

Are you in da mob? The universal sign of mafia d-bag, pinky rings are the older generation’s equivalent of Ed Hardy gear. Klassy with a K, which come to think of it, also stands for kielbasa. Have you gotten so bloated that you have to wear your wedding ring on that sausage that doubles as a pinky?

Grease that digit up with some olive oil and yank that ring off and put it where it belongs: on the finger of a small, malnourished child.



Stephanie said...

I agree...with the exception of the Canadian Engineering ring...I think that one is pretty cool.

SkitzoLeezra said...

While I find pinky rings to be repugnant, said rings serve as a wonderful visual clue to the inner douche. If Ed Hardy garb is a loud announcement of a Jersey jack hole, the comparatively subtle pinky rings whisper "I represent vinegar and water".

Anonymous said...

Pinky rings show class and style, period!